Climbing and Elastic Jump

The Verdon is a must for climbing enthusiasts.

A paradise that makes you dizzy … – In the cliffs of the Verdon, 933 routes have been recorded, including the famous cliff 300 meters high, strictly vertical! The closest climbing site to the campsite is VALLON SOURN, a mountaineer’s paradise. Gorges du Verdon (Aiguines, La Palud). 1500 possible routes (all levels of difficulty) from 20 to 300 m. The quality of the rock: excellent / limestone.

Space Management Structure Lei Lagramusas Association. 04 120 La Palud on Verdon. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 77 38 02

Elastic jump The Artuby bridge

Also called the Chaulière bridge, has a single 110-meter arch, built according to the techniques of Gustave Eiffel. With its 182 meters high, it is the highest bridge in Europe for bungee jumping. Latitude Challenge guarantees a safe training and can use this site since 1987.