Family stay with children in Verdon

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Family” stay with children in the Verdon in Provence Verte

Family vacations are summer activities for everyone, even toddlers!

MONDAY: GINAPARC- Animal Park of Ginasservi

10 minutes from the campsite, discover the animals across the 5 continents from Asia to Africa: camels, camels, yaks, zebus and many others will delight young and old! Pony rides for the youngest to discover the pleasure of contact with equines … to their size! Small +: free parking


TUESDAY: Short walk on the way to Vallon des Carmes In the village of Barjols

20 minutes from the campsite, enjoy with the children the shady sweetness of the Chemin du Vallon des Carmes. This very accessible walk along the river and is embellished with beautiful small natural pools (small natural pools very nice for children!), To lead to the troglodyte chapel, remnant of a convent of the seventeenth century: the mystery of old stones will intrigue the big as small …

The modeling workshops of the Museum of Varages Faience

10 minutes from the campsite, the museum of earthenware opens its doors to adults and children for a visit to the museum, but also for a sensory and fun approach to this age-old art. Place to small artists!

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WEDNESDAY: Accro branch / Adventure trail

20 minutes from the campsite, Verdon Aventure offers a dozen courses for tree climbing for all levels. The Ouistiti course is suitable for children from 3 years, they can also surpass themselves with courage and agility: sensations guaranteed, safely!

THURSDAY: The Museum of Prehistory in Quinson

15 minutes from the campsite, discover with the children the largest museum of Prehistory in Europe! The animals, the objects, the habitats of the prehistoric men … all are gathered to allow the children to better apprehend what could be the daily life of the 1st men in the Verdon. Small animations, discovery boxes scattered in the museum, reconstructions of scenes of life and homes throughout the ages … we can also learn while having fun!

The discovery of the gorges over the water Toddlers can also feast and discover the gorges of the Verdon over water: think of the electric boat for the comfort of all, or pedalo for parents ready to pedal! (Remember to bring buoys or armbands for safe swimming)

FRIDAY: CORBI PARC: A fun day for everyone!

40 minutes from the campsite, Corbi Park, a playground and recreation park for children, offers large secure playgrounds (giant slides, inflatable castles, rides, trampoline, zip-lines …). A great opportunity for toddlers and toddlers, having fun and having fun! Also animal park, Corbi Park will allow your children to find: farmyard animals (chickens, ducks, rabbits, peacocks …), miniature animals to the size of children (goats and sheep dwarves, dwarf pigs, ponies, donkeys), as well as some more exotic pets …

The little extra: near games, rest areas / picnic, furnished tables and shaded!