Nautic activities in Provence and Verdon

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Nautical activities lakes and low gorges

Located at the entrance of the lower gorges,  campsite La Verdière is near the lakes of Quinson, Montpezat, Esparron et Ste Croix. The low gorges, characterized by calm waters, as well as the lakes, allow the accessible and family practice of all the nautical activities, whatever your physical condition! The canoe, the paddle or the paddle boat for the sporting ones, or the boat electric, allow you to discover this exceptional environment and to appreciate the landscapes in all tranquility and at your own pace.

The lakeside swimming in the turquoise waters or in the rivers and natural pools near the campsite allow a total change of scenery, multiple small beaches and coves to the vast beaches of the lakes … freshness and relaxation assured!

Whitewater sports day or half-day excursion in the high gorges

Canyoning, aquarando, Floating or rafting: sport and grandiose landscapes … indulge yourself!

In the high gorges, explore nature wildly! Fun and fun activities, canyoning, aquarando, floating or rafting combine a sporting experience rich in emotions to the freshness of the waters of the tributaries of the Verdon, immersed in a simply beautiful nature!

Canyoning or aquarando: Jumps or slides on natural slides, swimming, river walking and abseiling …

Canyoning  is an activity of a nature related to caving, hiking, climbing and mountaineering on the one hand, and water sports on the other. It consists in progressing in the bed of streams whose flow goes from low (sometimes null for the “dry canyons”) to important, in portions where these go in gorges or narrow ravines, with waterfalls. varied heights (max 350 m in metropolitan France).

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The floating: imagine yourself on an expedition in one of the most remote and deepest places in the Grand Canyon du Verdon. The floating (or aquatic hike) is a mix of activity: swimming in the rapids, hiking and jumping. rocks (optional!), from 2m to more than 10 meters).

Rafting or canoe-rafting: Descent of rapids in the heart of unique and wild landscapes for the more adventurous and sporty! But also “discovery” rafting courses, suitable for families and accessible under conditions to children from 7 years (know how to swim …)

All the ingredients are there to share a unique and invigorating moment with family or friends. The Verdon is also an essential site for the practice of climbing with its famous sports for a dizzying experience! The RDV points are usually at 1:00 from the campsite. We put you in contact with qualified, passionate and experienced guides who accompany you safely and with the necessary equipment. They adapt to all levels of practice, from novices to experts …

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